FusionExcel Scam!
November 8, 2010 Comparisons

FusionExcel Scam!

Is the FusionExcel pendant a scam?

No not at all, I am an Fusion Excel Distributor and they certainly do work. Read about some of my personal success stories here.

But $100 is a lot of money. Are they the only pendants that work?

No. They aren’t.

There are a number of other pendants on the market besides the FusionExcel Pendant that work.

The advantage of the FusionExcel Pendant is the multi-level marketing and the fact that you know what you are getting.

You can get an Fusion Excel Pendant here:

SCALAR PENDANTS by Fusion Excel – BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR (cost about $249 )

BUY NOW – Don’t become MLM distributor (Buy Genuine Fusion Excel Pendants for  $100 )

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Scalar Pendant

I have bought most all the pendants out there and tried them all. SOME OF THEM WORK, SOME OF THEM DON’T WORK. So be careful what you buy. You might end up with something that works not as good or not at all.

If you want a cheaper non-fusionexcel-pendant you can buy one here. I have tested the ones here and they work just as good as the fusion excel pendants and we give you a money back guarantee that it works. Yeah, there are even cheaper ones than this on the market, but we have found them to have inconsistent quality. Some work, some don’t. Some are weaker than others. The ones we sell here are guaranteed to work as well as the Fusion Excel Pendants that we also carry.

BUY NOW – Don’t become MLM distributor (Buy Pendants for $ 50 – NOT Fusion Excel but made by same manufacturer. Works just as good. – More Information Here )

Shipping Choices

Scalar Pendant

Scalar Pendant
There is no FusionExcel scam but there are better prices for the same thing.

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