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New Product – Quantum Shield by FusionExcel

FusionExcel Launching New Exciting
Quantum Shield 17th August 2010 In
Kuala Lumpur!

Quantum Shield by FusionExcel: Protection Against Harmful EMF/EMR.

Just like Apple with its new take-the-market-by-storm iPod, FusionExcel is launching its new world beating product, the Quantum Shield in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 17th August 2010. Dates for overseas launch are 11th September 2010 (Manila), 18th September 2010 (Bangkok) and 09th October 2010 (Jakarta).

FE’s Quantum Shield is designed to protect mankind from the “Invisible Killer”, harmful Electro Magnetic Frequencies and Electro Magnetic Radiation. Many scientists have proclaimed EMF/ EMR pollution, or electro-smog, as the most damaging form of pollution facing mankind today, and may even threaten our very existence on earth. (Book Reference: Low Level Radiation: The Invisible Killer – Growing Threat From Electromagnetic Fields. Published by the Consumer Association of Penang, Malaysia). We are now exposed to 100 million times the amount of EMF/EMR as compared to our grandparents. There are numerous studies and coverage available on the Internet on this growing but unstoppable menace to mankind.

Fortunately for mankind, the FusionExcel Scalar Energy Quantum Shield has the ability to protect humans from these harmful EMF/ EMR.

(Note: There are other EMF/EMR protectors based on different technologies in the market over the past few years. However, they do not have FusionExcel’s Scalar Energy technology, they cannot perform demostration and most importantly, they are unstable, meaning they do not last long. They don’t work after 2/3 months. FusionExcel’s Scalar Energy Products are programmed to last a lifetime! And only FusionExcel has the Resources, the Branding, the Track Record and the Global Network to promote our Quantum Shield in a BIG way!)

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