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Comparison – Wands vs. Pendants

Well after months of testing both, I must say I now use pendants almost exclusively.


To put it simply – convenience.

The pendants and the wands do the same thing. They are both zero point energy. The wand is more powerful and faster. You can charge a glass of water with the wand, or do the lemon test with the wand in a minute or two.  So I keep a wand in my pocket for those demonstrations and occasions when I need fast results.

In contrast, it takes the pendant about 15 minutes to charge water or do the lemon test.

BUT HERE IS THE BIG DIFFERENCE. – You don’t have to do anything for those 15 minutes. All you do is set the lemon slice or glass of water on top of the pendant and it does the job for you.

I got tired awful quick of wanding my hand, my side, others hands or legs or whatever for three to five minutes.

In fact one time I even sprained my shoulder wanding my own hip with about 10 wands in my hand. (By the way multiple wand wanding is even faster and more powerful thean single wand wanding.)

What is cool about the pendant is that it is a little flat disk. I can hold it in my hand rather than wanding my hand for three minutes. Wanding my hand for three minutes ties up both hands. I can still work, walk and do most things while I simply hold the pendant in my hand. (I take the string off the pendant and use it as a disk.)

I can tape a disk to my leg, or forearm, or hip with some medical tape and go about my business all day while the pendant heals. A good example of this benefit is that I had a bunion pain in my foot that I would wand each day for several sessions of three minutes each. Of course this ties you up so you can’t do anything else. The results were that my foot would get better for three days or so each time and then the pain would come back.

When I got the pendant, I simply taped it to my foot overnight while I slept. It has now been two months and the pain has never come back.  So it was not only easier to do, but had better results in the end.

I could go on but you should get the point – The pendant is easier to use and is cheaper. So get one wand – you  might need its power on occasion but get yourself several pendants like I have and you will find the much more practical and effective to use.

Get your wand here.

Get your pendants here.

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