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“Chi” is Zero Point Energy

When I bought my CHI Modulator the other day, and I used it on my hand I noticed the same kind of sensation and result as I notice with my energy wand and pendants.

Got me wondering “Is CHI also ZERO POINT ENERGY?”

By god IT IS!! And not only ‘Chi’ (Chinese), but  ‘Ki’ (Japanese) and Prana (Indian)

Zero point energy  (from

In recent years Harold Puthoff been popularising the zero point energy from the vacuum from his discoveries of quantum science. Although seemingly and revolutionary to modern science, this zero point energy has been discovered many times before and has been given many names such as Orgone energy (Wilhelm Reich) and Tachyon energy. This energy has been known to mankind since time memorial, the ancients called it ‘Chi’ (Chinese), ‘Ki’ (Japanese) or Prana (Indian). Modern day science is just catching up with ancient wisdom and rediscovering it as zero point energy. Let’s call it the energy of life, as Wilhelm Reich discovered it, it’s the energy that animates and gives life to every living specie on earth, whether it be plant, animal or human. Continue

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